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We are located 4 miles south of Easton (East), Maryland on Route 50 just at mile marker 69.


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Obedience 2Obedience 1

Pictured above Left to Right;
Even the big guys learn how to go Down on command | A treat for a job well done!

Puppies first steps,  

(Group class/Private Lessons)

The beginning of basic manners for puppies up to six months of age. It is also a useful tool for socializing puppies with other dogs and people. This class teaches the beginning steps of Sit, Down, Stay, Heel (walking on a loose leash) and coming when called. A must for anyone wanting a well adjusted dog.  Topics also discussed include house breaking, crate training, dental care, exercise requirements, and more.

Basic obedience,

(Group Class/Training Camp/Private Lessons)
This course covers basic obedience; including heeling on a loose leash without pulling, sit, down, stay, come when called, greet people without jumping, and waiting for you to pass through doorways without bolting ahead.  "A trained pet is a welcomed citizen." top

Advanced obedience,

(Group Class/Training Camp/Private Lessons)
After satisfactorily completing a program in basic obedience, your dog can move on to even more interesting and useful lessons.  Advanced obedience includes off leash work and hand signals.  A more comprehensive way to interact with your pet. top

Competition obedience,

(Group Class/Training Camp/Private Lessons) top
Learn to teach your dog all the skills needed to compete and win in competitive obedience. top

Obedience refresher course

Obedience refresher courses are available as our students return for visits during boarding stays.  All guests seeking refresher courses must have successfully completed one of our obedience courses.  Refresher courses may not always be available at certain times.  While boarding, we will continue to train your dog to the level of the course they completed. top

Canine Good Citizen

1 class/week, 4 weeks (Group Class)
Canine Good Citizen training is American Kennel Club (AKC) sponsored and is fun, useful, and will help you and your dog establish a closer bond.  The purpose of the Canine Good Citizen Test is to ensure that our dogs can be a respected member of the community.  Dogs become respected members of their community when they are trained to act mannerly in the home, in public, and in the presence of other dogs.

A CGC certificate is the first step towards certifying dogs that visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc. With all the "dangerous dogs" legislation that is now pending in most states a CGC certificate can help verify that your dog does not fall into the "dangerous dog" category.  Many insurance companies require home owners to obtain a CGC certificate before issuing liability homeowners policies to people who own certain breeds of dogs.

All dogs, including purebreds and mixed breeds are embraced by and welcomed in the Canine Good Citizen Program.  At completion of the class a CGC test will be given by our certified CGC evaluator.  After successfully passing the test, all dogs will be eligible for AKC certification.  Passing a CGC test is also required of all dogs wishing to enroll in our doggy daycare.

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