Office Hours

Monday-Saturday: 8 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 10-11 am & 4-6 pm

Kennel Location:

6026 Ocean Gateway
Trappe, MD 21673
(No mail Delivery at this address)
Phone: 410-822-2187
Fax: 410-822-4528
Email: gregstrong@topofthebaypetlodge.com


We are located 4 miles south of Easton (East), Maryland on Route 50 just at mile marker 69.


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Boarding | Daycare | Additional Services


PlayingOur daycare is different in comparison to others because we have human interactions all day long with our guests simply by the design and function of our facility.  We have no gilatine doors.  We walk each and every dog to his or her individual outside exercise area several times a day.  We use that time, there and back, as a modified playtime, and we do not charge for it.  We do however have a playtime for our guest that is interactive with our other guest that have passed a temperament/screening test.  Our 10,000 sq foot exercise area allows plenty of room to romp and play.  During daycare, they play hard, eat great and sleep well when they arrive home.  We serve regular treats such as Frosty Paws dog ice cream at noon and dehydrated all natural raw meat medallions at 3 pm.  It is a baby-sitting benefit for you and a fun filled day for your four-legged family member. (Pictured above, left; Playing ball with a Supervisor while at Daycare.

For an additional charge other special services are available upon request (refresher obedience, learning tricks, brushing, bathing, grooming, etc).


Rates: (no overnight): $30.00
We offer Daycare packages for our overnight guest for a small additional fee.


Playing 2(Dogs and Cats)
Reservations are required. Important: No reservation will be accepted through our website. Please call (410) 822-2187. (Pictured right; A Lowchen and Tibetan Terrier at play.)

  • Proof of vaccination from vet. Titers are accepted.
    • Dogs: Distemper Combination, Rabies and Bordetella
    • Cats: Rabies, RCP, and Feline Leukemia
  • Proof of monthly Application of Frontline or Advantage.

A Mandatory Flea Bath will be given at the regular charge should fleas be found on your dog.

  • Mandatory temperament/screening test satisfactorily completed
  • CGC certification recommended not required (we offer this testing). 


Monday through Sunday 7am to 6pm