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We are located 4 miles south of Easton (East), Maryland on Route 50 just at mile marker 69.


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Clicker Training

Clicker Training/Tricks, Clicker Training

(Group Class/Private Lessons)
The clicker is a small aid in providing reinforcement that marks the dog's correct behavior the instant it occurs.  It is an excellent motivational tool and a fun way to train your dog whether in obedience, agility, tricks, etc. (Pictured right; different types of clickers used in our Clicker Training Classes)

Clicker Training for Beginners

(Group Class/Private Lessons)
Teaches your dog how to respond to the clicker and you how to use the clicker as a training tool.  Class sessions are a mixture of obedience exercises and fun exercises such as learning to retrieve with use of a clicker.

Clicks and Tricks

(Group Class/Private Lessons)
A class teaching you how to teach your dog tricks using a clicker.  Tricks include, but are not limited to shake, spin, rollover and high five.  Each student will select a trick not covered in class to train their dog to perform for "graduation." Great fun for your dog and the whole family!

Clicker Tricks 1 Clicker Tricks 2Click Tricks 3

Pictured Left to Right; Teaching tricks...want to shake? | Success! | Another trick easily learned

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